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how to apply lipstick-look marvelous!!!!!!!!!  

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Applying lipstick is an art which not everybody is aware of, as it is not just a cup of tea,waering perfect lipstick give your lips proper shape as it is commonly said action speak louder than words.Applying lipstick in proper away not only give you gorgeous lips but it also help  lipstick stays for lon.Lipstick adds the finishing touch to any makeup application.

thins you need for liptsick

All you need is????


2)Lip brush

3)Lip balm

4)Lip linear

5)Lip gloss

6)Lip stick

7)Lip Vaseline


How to apply lipstick ?

1) Apply your lip with some lip moisturiser so that lipstick can easily applied on lips
2) Use the Lip Liner to define your lip shape first.
3) Use your lip brush to fill in the colors to your lips. Open your mouth slightly and brush in the color from the center of the upper lip. Remember to fill the edges of your lips as well.
4) Blot your lips GENTLY on a piece of tissue. Please do not blot too hard to remove the color.
5) Brush a second coat of the lip color. This is to make the color last longer.
6) Brush your lip gloss for a shiny finish.

know your lips !!!!!!!!!!!(shape up your  lips )

Make Thin Lips Look Bigger

Use a lip liner to outline your lips just outside their natural edge, making the outline slightly wider on the top and bottom. Then brush on a layer of lip color inside the outline. Spread on a layer of lip gloss on top of your lip color.

Make Full Lips Look Smaller

Apply foundation or concealer to the edges of your lips to blur the edge. Use a lip liner to outline your lips just inside the lip line, then brush on a layer of matte lip color.

Make Uneven Lips Look Balanced

Enlarge a thin top lip by outlining the upper lip just outside the edge using a lip liner, then outline the lower lip drawing the line on the on the natural edge. Brush on lip color inside the line, applying more color to the thinner half of the lip.

Make Shapeless Lips More Defined

Outline upper lip with a lip liner to emphasize the "v" in the middle before applying lipstick. Draw the line just outside the lip edge of the bottom lip to make it look fuller. Brush on dark, matte lip colors for even more definition.

Make Uneven Toned Lips Look Even Colored

Cover upper and lower lips with a little foundation. Outline lips with lip liner. Choose the lipstick color, then begin applying lipstick by brushing a darker shade onto the lighter lip and a lighter shade onto the darker lip.

Apply lip gloss to your gorgeous lips

if you are still wondering ????

check out these  videos

>>>> Lips are for kissing... so they’d better look good!!!!!>>>>>



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