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Top most brands of lipstick?  

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

* Almay

Almay’s been around since 1931, and they offer an impressive product line of cosmetics for the face.Regular cost of almay is around about $8.79.

* Anna Sui

Lipstick is not as effective as compare to other maximum price is 21$ that is too much for any of of consumer .Minimum is 6$.consumer reviews are not as satisfying according to brand.

* Annemarie Borlind

Annemarie Borlind a German brand available in tremendous of shades .as per the cost lipstick is available at 8$ as its minimum cost. Quality is Good available with SPF 20 that is good sign sun protecting lipstick

* Awake

awake is average lipstick brand as per my studies reviews to awake lipstick are 3/5 easy to apply but lipstick is which stays whole day as we all know we all are very busy trough out day as per my opinion i can even spend more than 20 $ on lipstick which is stays through out day .awake is not full filling this thought .cost is 8$ to 21$.

* Bare Escentuals

very good lipstick full filling all quality of good lipstick available minimum with 15$.5/5 rating excellent reviews by consumers .negative aspect is Can be hard to find, only sold in certain stores.dnt ever hesitate to buy bare escentuals lipstick.

* Beauty Without Cruelty

beauty without cruetly may be some where good brand among lipstick but as google g this twice and thrice i dnt get anything about this on Internet .strange i dnt even like picture of lipstick .coat is 5$ cheap lipstick to buy for daily use .

* Benefit

Good appeal given to lipstick very good reviews .shiny shimmer quality available in lipstick.benefit lipstick found at any better store medium cost of lipstick is 15$ i have also seen benefit lipstick for 36$ may be vary in quality than 15$ benefit lipstick .

Your search for the perfect lipstick is over: Benefit Love Your Look Lipstick is a range of sumptuous shades for the lip that longs for full, rich color.

* Bio elements

A very nice lipstick. One of my favorites. It goes on smooth and keeps your lips silky soft. Nice color natural palette to pick .price range is $5-$18.very suitable cost for any daily use lipstick.

* Bloom

The products looked really cute and totally luscious but then yes right then I found some lip-gloss! Actually no it’s called lip glaze but hey it’s the same stuff!.over all as per rating and reviews bloom is good lipstick.negative aspect of product is people are now more concerned with sun protecting element in beauty product most of brands are offering lipstick with range of SPF but blooms lipstick do not contain SPF in it.

* Bobbi Brown

as per cost i must say medium price lipstick.excellent review given to lipstick brand more people are concern with fragrance of lipstick Bobbi brown is long lasting lipstick

* Bourjois

lip color is available in lots of colors but as per cost according to other brand this lip color is too costly approx $24.rating if it is 4.5/5 that means product is tremendous. i will buy this lipstick according to review

* Burt’s Bees

very nice reviews i have read about this brand .lipstick contain vitamin e in it which very good for skin as per the cost very good reasonable price .easy to buy easy to apply:)

* Calvin Klein

c.k well know brand when it comes yo lipstick very good appeal design of lipstick cover is very beautiful i personally like it very much. Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick having excellent review it last forever price for c.k lip color good quality is for approx 18$

* Christian Dior

i m amaze too see the price maximum price i saw is 56$ for this brand well designed very good quality lipstick rich in color as well as quality .

* Cover Girl

one of the top rated lipstick huge variety of of colors this brands offers .easy to but not very expensive . excellent reviews i wonder more than 100 reviews given to this brand on one website.many good points cover girl lipstick is having but most of the people say that this lipstick not last for hours as advertise .but still Brand is excellent to buy wroth full buying lipstick

* Darphin

i can not say much about this Brand as i dnt get anything to read about this lipstick brand except cost medium price is 15$.

* DuWop

duwop lipstick is available in huge variety .as per the cost of duwop rating is not very good brand rating 3/5 .medium rnge lipstick will ocst you 15$

* Elizabeth Arden

well know brand according to review lipcolor is very expensive ,not find in all the stores ,long lasting lipstick.highly expensive lipcolor

* Estee Lauder

I picked up this lipstick as part of a gift with purchase. If you have dark hair, look for “Spiced Cider”. The formulation actually does last a long time. No need to keep re-applying.rating and reviews are very nice 8.5/10

* Fran Wilson

fran wilson lipstick having good price cheap rates not very expensive reviews are also good .long lasting lipstick available in huge variety of colors

* Freeze 24/7

very expensive lipstick minimum it coat is 12$ i dnt read any review to this brand

* L’oreal

very well known brand across worldwide .lipstick cost is dependable on type of lipstick.very trusty worth while to buy excellent rating 5/5 .every women should have at least one lo real lipstick in her purse because its worth it

* M?A?C

MAC is good lipstick wide range is availble undoubtedly i say as i my self use MAC lipstick .not very expensive .it have longevity in it

* Maybelline

Maybelline’s moisture whip lipstick is my must have choice of the year. I now own about 14 different tubes of it. The low price makes it a great lipstick to have in several colors. Now offered in over 60 choices I never have a problem finding the shade I need. The lipstick goes on smooth without pulling your lips

* Revlon

Very nice product that offers an excellent choice of colours. It is easy to apply and lasts a very long time.he quality is that of very expensive department store brands. Chanel can’t touch this stuff for wearability. It doesn’t require constant reapplication, either. Great price, streamlined casing


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