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How to Get Lips Like Angelina Jolie?  

Sunday, November 16, 2008

1)Roll a small segment of toilet paper or tissue until it is about half the diameter of a pencil if you have a thin upper or lower lip that you would like to look slightly fuller (especially for photos). Place the paper just under your lip along your gum line. It may be hard to talk with the roll of paper in your mouth, so you might want to save this step aside for really important photos.

2)Use lip liner that is the color of your lips or the color of your lipstick and gently outline the outside of your lips just beyond their natural border. If you use a lip liner that is the color of your lip stick, be sure that you continue to reapply your lip stick as it fades. Lip liner generally lasts longer than lip stick.

3)Know that lip gloss does wonders in making lips look plump and vivacious. The glossier the gloss, the fuller your lips will appear. Add a layer of lip gloss on top of every coat of chap stick or lip stick when you want your lips to look especially large. Keep in mind that you should only apply lip gloss to the center third of your lips and avoid the corners


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