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Tips to use broken lipstick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11  

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have you ever broken or left your lipstick in the car, and it melted so you just threw it away because it was unusable? Well you no longer have to get rid of your lipsticks. Lipsticks can be expensive so anyway you can save them, you should.

When the lipstick stick breaks you can easily attach it back to the base, if it hasn’t completely fallen out of the tube. Heat the bottom of the lipstick with a blow dryer on low and press the lipstick back into the base of the tube. The heat should attach the lipstick to the lipstick container.

Another smart and easy trick, if you’ve used all the lipstick out of the top or broken the top of the lipstick, you can simply melt it down. You can put the lipstick in the microwave for a few seconds, just until it melts, and then pour it into a palette. It can be poured into any container you choose, like a lip gloss pot, contact lens case, or a pill case. Now you can use your lipstick with a brush. This is a neat way of getting more use out of your lipstick.


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